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10 things you NEED to do to get a successful mindset.

Figure out what 3-5 goals that you would like to attain. Figure where you want to be (country, lifestyle, family, travel etc) in 5 years if you could improve your mindset. I hear people say things like “I would like to be the guy who sold his business for a billion dollars”. What they are…

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10 things you must do for your best new year

Unfortunately, most of us set goals for each new year. Some of us have repeated goals from last year. The reason its so sad that there is so much failure out there. Most people set a goal only to give up on it within a month. Ask yourself this question: What it the most important…

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Daily Choices will get you to where you want to go

I hear this so often: You are so lucky that you have a job that lets you travel a good part of the year. I will let you in on a secret. I don’t believe its luck. In fact, I could have made some better choices that would have allowed even more freedom but I…

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