1. Figure out what 3-5 goals that you would like to attain.
  2. Figure where you want to be (country, lifestyle, family, travel etc) in 5 years if you could improve your mindset. I hear people say things like “I would like to be the guy who sold his business for a billion dollars”. What they are really saying is they would like a billion dollars. People that say those sorts of things have no idea the commitment and mindset it took to get there.
  3. Take ownership for your life for where you are. Where you are is not the fault of your parents, your spouse/partner, your kids or anyone else. You made the choices to get yourself where you are. You will hear some people say its not your fault. You were conditioned to think as you do now. That’s a really big subject and while there may be a lot of truth to that, you are reading this blog now so this is an invitation to change your conditional programming. You taking responsibility for where you are is absolutely crucial to changing your mindset.
  4. How are your completed goals going to inspire or benefit other people around you? Why would it bring tears to your eyes to see your completed goals affecting other people? Clean water, houses, education, homes for orphans etc? If we live only for what we want, we will never have the joy of seeing others helped out.
  5. Figure out what kind of mindset people have who are successful in the same areas you want to go. Success always leaves clues and successful people are often willing to share how their mindset has lead to their success. There is a reason most people who have won the lottery end up bankrupt in less than 5 years. They don’t have the capacity, knowledge and wisdom to keep it.
  6. Figure out what skills you will need to accomplish your goals. If you have a massive goal you will need to radically upgrade your skill set. If your friends tell you your goal is crazy, find some massively successful people and ask them how you can achieve your goal and what skills you will need to get there. You will also need an unrelenting drive which will help you acquire skills that may come more easily to the talented few. Why do some very talented players never achieve much and some players (take Tom Brady for someone we all know) end up being able to achieve huge success? How we choose who will succeed needs to include the person’s drive.
  7. Work out how much time you will need every day for learning—watching videos, reading, talking to successful people, working. When starting out, many people overestimate how much they can do. Remember habits don’t all of sudden become easy. You also have to leave time for unexpected things happening.
  8. Figure out what you will have to do to change your habits. Highly successful people just might have different habits than you have (wink). Some successful people never watch TV. Some don’t drink any alcohol. Some hardly spend any time on social media. Most have learned how not to be A.D.D. and check their phone every 3 minutes to make sure they are still loved. Get over your yourself. Start acting like a boss with your time.
  9. Start Focusing on your what you need to do to accomplish your 3-5 goals. Start with 3 goals to focus on for the first year even if you plan on accomplishing more. During each day set out what you will work on that will help you accomplish your 5 goals. Realize your time is precious. If you think you have a lot of time your goals are much smaller than what you can accomplish.

Make sure you stay clear on accomplishing your outcome and why you are doing it. Write down what other successful people say when they hear your goal. Is it huge? Will it impact a lot of people? Do you have what it takes to get there? If your goal is huge, talk to hugely successful people on why and how you can achieve it. Know that you can achieve way more than what you think is possible. You can even surprise very successful people in how much you can accomplish. Also remember, people closest to you often don’t see the potential in you but they can be a good barometer for projecting what you can accomplish at this point in your life without upgrading your skill set and habits.

  1. Be okay with not know what is going to happen. Get rid of your fear. Be appreciative of the process. The process of making you a highly productive person can be quite challenging. You have to step out into the unknown—which can be extremely scary for some people. But no matter what eventually happens and even if your goal isn’t 100% created, know that you are better off having tried to accomplished something big than not doing anything in the first place.

I must confess I used to think that living a “comfortable” life would be good. Fortunately I learned that that wasn’t true at all and decided to change. While living a comfortable life is fun while you have your dopamine centers being activated, it wears off after a while. Humans do much better when we are challenged and keep improving. If we stay in the same place it is really like we are regressing. If you were not okay with staying in grade 5 forever, why are you okay with not improving your skill set every year? Do you blame time, responsibilities, other things/people?

If you liked this post please share it with someone/friends/family you really care about and is looking to upgrade their lives. I am writing most of this from experience.

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