10 things you must do for your best new year

Unfortunately, most of us set goals for each new year. Some of us have repeated goals from last year. The reason its so sad that there is so much failure out there. Most people set a goal only to give up on it within a month. Ask yourself this question: What it the most important new thing I wish I would accomplish? Are you going to set it as a New Year’s resolution and end up failing yourself and anyone close to you cheering you on?


Goal setting is one of the absolute best things you can do for your life if you know what you are doing. Most people really have no clue what it takes to set a successful goal. If that’s you that’s totally okay—you are reading this article now. Here are 10 things you must do to successfully set resolutions for 2019.


  1. Set goals that you can define and that you completely understand why you have the motivation to achieve it/them. Example: I would like to loose 30 lbs by January 1, 2020 because I am at a severe risk of getting diabetes and becoming a slave to a mechanical device for the health of my body.
  2. Know what is going to cost you. If you don’t have a clear vision in mind of what things in your life that you will have to take away, you won’t ever cross the finish line.
  3. Set an action plan and break it down by day what you need to do. Our big goals can only be achieved by mastering many small decisions. If you have a goal to reading 1 book a week, you would best be served to set aside 1 hour a day to read.
  4. Start visualizing the end result. Once you have set in your mind you are going to do something, its amazing how much easier some other decisions can become to achieve your goal.
  5. Tell your goal to 3 other people. Tell them why you are age going to do it and what you are going to do if you don’t reach your goal. How committed are you to achieving your goal? Would you shave your head? Would you donate a large amount of money to a charity you totally don’t believe in? If you have a powerful consequence as a motivation you will be much more likely to achieve your goal.
  6. Finds at least one person to hold you accountable. Give them permission to ask you how you are doing.
  7. Figure out a celebration for yourself when you achieve your goal. The bigger the goal, the bigger the celebration. (If you are planning to lose weight, don’t have a party with all the wrong food as it could start you back in the wrong direction again.
  8. Figure out how you can use the achievement of the goal to help other people. Helping others should be a huge motivation for you and is also a good way to start a movement.
  9. Read about people who have done what you are looking to do successfully to find out how and what worked for them.
  10. Set milestones for you to reach your goal. Have a way for you to figure out if you are going to reach your goal along the way. The bigger the goal, the more research you will have to put in and the more you will have to figure out you where your milestone needs to be in terms of reaching your goal. How bit you set your goal really depends on how motivated you are to reach it.

Feel free to set goals that you think are impossible. If you set a goal 10x bigger than what you think and you get 2x more than you thought was possible you still are ahead.


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